Handbook for the Positive Revolution by Edward de Bono

Published by the Penguin Group 
Price :  £ 14.99 net

It is common knowledge by now that Dr. Edward de Bono is the originator of the term ‘lateral thinking’ which now has an entry in the Oxford Dictionary. As the leading authority in both creative thinking and the direct teaching of the thinking skills Dr. Edward de Bono is a very familiar name to behavioral scientists, academicians, researchers and the common household people. This handbook for the positive revolution dwelling on constructive and positive thinking gives the reader an insight on how to reset his mindset, especially how to convert his negative thoughts into positive ones. To Dr. Bono the human hand represents the five funadmental principles of the positive revolution:

Thumb : Means effectiveness;
Index finger : Points in the constructive direction;
Second finger : Respect which includes human values;
Third finger : Self-Improvement - getting better everyday
Little finger : Contribution - no matter how small
The book gives useful tips to the reader as to how to change the rigidity of perceptions towards better human behaviour by transforming one’s negative mindset into a bubbling positive one. The book will be a valuable addition to the libraries of individuals and organisation where behavioural science is one of the important sections. 
D.R. Gangopadhyay