Mediation is now widely recognized as a highly effective way to reduce conflict, resolve disputes and build a productive workplace. Mediation for Managers focuses on getting mediation skills and the mediation process out of the classroom and away from the lawyers - and directly into the hands of managers where it is needed most.

The book contains an accessible and practical toolkit of exercises, case studies and real-world examples to enable one to become an effective mediator at work. It illustrates mediation can offer a fresh and positive way of looking at a wide range of interpersonal disputes - including employment, customer complaints, grievances, bullying, harrassment and discrimination.

Mediation for Managers can help by:

  • Cutting the cost of conflict - the stress, illness and staff loss caused by conflict often affect the bottom line
  • Rebuilding relationships - building rapport, and refocusing people on their core tasks
  • Stimulating healthy change - conflicts, effectively managed, can have a positive effect and help avoid stagnation.
Going beyond the conventional techniques of resolving conflict to map out the mediation process step by step, this book uniquely shows the management style and core skills required at each stage. It also illustrates mediation in action - between co-workers, managers, direct reports, and customers and corporate staff. The mediation process comes through clearly, with simple visible check lists and instructions.

As a mediating manager, one can learn how to deal with different demands, personalities and behaviours while setting a positive lead - and hugely enhance ones’ value to colleagues on both a professional and personal level.

Authors : John Crawley & Katherine Graham

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