The Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited (AIDC) was started by the government of Assam in 1965 as one of the major industrial implementing agencies in medium and large sector.  Today, it stands as the catalyst in all aspects of industrial   
development of the state, both in public as well as in private  sector. Since its inception AIDC has promoted many industrial  units in the state sector as well as in joint/private sector.  

The activities and the performance of the corporation  are as follows:-   


  • Identification, promotion, implementation of medium and large industrial projects in the State. 
  • Implementation of the State Government's package of  incentives for entrepreneurs. 
  • Providing financial assistance as per IDBI's Refinance Scheme. 
  • Providing seed capital to new industries as per IDBI's seed capital assistance scheme. 
  • Participation in equity capital in public and private  sectors' undertakings. 
  • Rehabilitation and management of sick industries. 
  • Providing technical, financial, managerial and  consultancy services to entrepreneurs. 
  • Development of human resources. 
  • Providing infrastructural support. 
  • Facilitating export promotion. 
Export Promotion Industrial Park   
Presently AIDC is constructing an Export Promotion Industrial  Park (EPIP) at Amingaon in Kamrup District at an estimated cost of Rs. 14.62 crores. The park will create high standard infrastructural facilities to facilitate setting up of Export Oriented Units   
(EOU) by the interested entrepreneurs.  
Important features of the EPIP   

The park will provide developed land with power, water, roads, sewerage and drainage, telecommunication and other requisite   

Only those units shall be, allowed to establish in the park that give a legal undertaking to the State Government to export not less than 25% of their total production in value terms.  

The park is located at Amingaon within Greater Guwahati and adjacent to Inland Container Depot. The, Guwahati airport is 15 Kms. away from the site. Allotment of plots will be made to non-polluting industries.  


  • Growth Centre at Balipara District, Sonitpur
    The Central Govt. has approved setting up of a Growth Centre at Balipara, district of Sonitpur at a project cost of Rs. 25.40 crores The possession of land measuring 1000 bighas has been taken over. The foundation stone of the project has already been laid on May 1998. The project works are in progress.  
  • Growth Centre at Matia, District Goalpara

    An area measuring 550 acres has been taken over for setting up a growth centre at Matia in the district of Goalpara with a project cost at Rs. 22.00 crores. The preliminary works are in progress. The foundation stone of this centrally sponsored Growth Centre at Matia in Goalpara District was laid on 29th April'99.  
  • Industrial area under IID Scheme 
  •  The Central Govt. has approved setting up of an Industrial area under Integrated Infrastructure Development (IID) scheme at Dalgaon in the district of Darrang.  

  • Other Industrial areas to be taken up by AIDC

    • Changsari in Kamrup District. 
    • Danguapara in Nalbari District. 
  • Assam Gas Cracker
  • The Govt. of India has issued Letter of Intent (LOI) to AIDC for establishment of a Gas Cracker and Petro-chemical Complex with 3,00,000 TPA ethylene capacity.  
    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State Govt. and M/s. Reliance Industries Ltd., Bombay has been signed for implementation of the project. The project is to be implemented in the Tengakhat area of Dibrugarh District of Assam.  

  • Methanol Project 

    Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd., Assam Gas Company Ltd., and Allied Resins and Chemicals Limited, Calcutta have signed an MOU for establishing a 150 TPD Methanol Plant in assisted sector in the State. The Project cost is estimated at Rs. 300 crores. The project will he located at Duliajan in Tinsukia District.  
  • Aromatic Complex 

    The Govt. of India issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) to AIDC for setting up an Aromatic Complex based on Naphtha produced in the refineries of the State. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India has given commitment/linkage for supply of Naptha to AIDC for Assam Gas Cracker and Aromatic Projects. The Project cost is estimated at Rs. 440 crores. 
Downstream Industries of the Gas Cracker Project  
AIDC has identified a series of downstream industries based on the product-mix of the Gas Cracker Project. Some of these down-stream industries are as given below:  

    LLDPE based injection moulded unit, HMHDPE `L' ring barrels/drums, HDPE based blow moulding unit, Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Roto moulded storage tanks and containers, LLDPE blown/ extruded film for non-food packaging applications, Bitumen laminated LLDPE film for non-food packaging viz. fertilisers etc., LLDPE based foam sheets for packaging applications, LLDPE based air bubble film for packaging, LLDPE based extruded nets, LLDPE based 2 layer coestruded film, HM HDPE film, HDPE pipes, HDPE extruded box strappings, HDPE injection moulded unit for bottle closures, caps etc., HDPE moulded luggage unit, HDPE based plastic furniture unit, HDPE based toys unit, HDPE based tooth brush unit, Thermoformed disposable cups/trays etc. unit.  

    Considering the recent trends of processed food in national and international market, the Corporation has identified the following Agro Food processing projects for setting up in the State:  
    • Multipurpose Fruits & Vegetable Processing unit.

      • 100% E.0. Mushroom Cultivation & Processing unit. 
      • 100% E.O. Banana Puree Processing unit. 
      • Export Oriented Pineapple Juice Concentrate Plant. 
      • Export Oriented Tomato Paste Making Plant. 
      • Export Oriented Frozen Fruits & Vegetables. 
      • Export Oriented Dehydrated Vegetables & Powder. 
      • Modern Poultry Processing Unit. 
      • Export Oriented Ginger Paste Making Plant.

    • Rubber Based Projects 

      AIDC has prepared project profiles on rubber based projects for which private sector/NRI investment have been invited by the State Government Investors for these projects in private sector will be provided all sorts of assistance by AIDC. Government incentives will be made available for successful implementation of the following projects:  
      • Coir foam 
      • Latex foam 
      • Household & industrial gloves 
      • Automobile rubber components 
      • Moulded rubber goods 
      • Hawai chappals 
      • Hot water bottle 
      • Tread rubber 
      • Toy balloons 
      • Latex thread

    • Bio-technology Park 

      The Corporation is taking steps to establish a Biotechnology Park for development of agrihorticultural, floricultural and forestry resources and setting up of biotechnology based industries in the State.  
    • Software Technology Park 

      The Department of Electronics, Government of India has approved the project for the setting up of the Software Technology Park (STP) at Guwahati.  
      The STP Guwahati would be set up with a total project cost of Rs. 500 lakhs. As a special measure, the Govt of India will contribute 80% of the project cost and the balance 20% of the project cost is to be contributed by the Government of Assam.  
    • Other Viable Projects 

      • Granite based projects 
      • Agar based projects 
      • Silk based projects 
      • Medicinal herbs and plants based projects 
      • Floriculture 
      • Ramie based projects 
      • Jute based projects 

    • Implementation of Govt. Industrial policy 

      The Corporation is implementing the Industrial Policy of the Government of Assam for medium and large-scale industries through Udyog Sahayak Division which provides the following incentives to entrepreneurs:  
      • Power subsidy 
      • State Capital Investment Subsidy 
      • Sales Tax Exemption 
      • Subsidy on Generating Set 
      • Equity Participation in the assisted sector 
      • Contribution to Feasibility Study Cost 
      • Miscellaneous Subsidy comprising drawl of power line subsidy, subsidy on fees for procurement of NRDC Technology, subsidies on pollution control measures. 
      • Subsidy on infrastructure facilities 
      • Manpower development subsidy. 
      • Special incentives for pioneer unit 
      • Special incentives for Export Oriented Unit comprising of additional SCIS and special incentives for getting ISO 9000 and BIS 14000 series. 
      • Special package of incentives for Women Entrepreneurs, Physically Handicapped persons and Agro-Food processing industries. 
The Corporation also acts as a financial institution to provide financial assistance for setting up medium scale industries in the State. The Corporation operates the Refinance Scheme of IDBI and the Assisted Sector Equity Scheme of Govt. of Assam to provide the necessary financial assistance. The Term Loan assistance has already been provided to various units under IDBI's Refinance Scheme and Equity assistance under assisted sector scheme. The financial assistance extended by the Corporation during the past few years is as under:  
1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 
Sanctions 272.6 177.00 188.06 103.50      - 
Disbursements 174.93 349.56 154.58 83.17 92.19
The Corporation has provided training to Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Diploma holder's etc. under its Human Resource Development programme to create a sound entrepreneurial base and to prepare the technical manpower for competitive environment.  

The Corporation has trained a number of graduate engineers and diploma holders as a part of its orientation-training programme at EDII, Ahmedabad and Refinery etc. The Corporation has also arranged training programme for Women Entrepreneurs sponsored by IREDA at Guwahati.  

AIDC SPONSORS A MAJOR GROWTH CENTRE  (From our correspondent)   

Assam Chief Minister Shri Prafulla Kumar Mahanta laid the foundation stone of the Rs.22 crore Industrial Growth Centre at Matia, 18 km from Goalpara on 29.04.1999. The Growth Centre at Matia covering 450 acres, the second after Balipara in the Sonitpur District, is a centrally sponsored project and the Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (AIDC) is the sole implementing agency, which would look after the day-to-day management including maintenance of the Centre.  

Mr. Mahanta, in his speech, said that the basic objectives of the growth centre were to build and provide industrial infrastructural facilities in an integrated manner, encourage growth of industrial units in the state, particularly in the industrially backward Goalpara region and to sustain the involvement and interest of the State Government in building and maintaining such facilities. He expressed the hope that the centre would be able to improve the industrial scenario in the district and the neighbouring areas.  

Underlining the necessity to generate self-employment among the youths, the Chief Minister said that Government was contemplating setting up a Rs. 300 crore Methanol project at Duliajan in the Dibrugarh District and a Rs. 440 crore aromatic project, which would provide ample opportunities to the youths in this regard.