The Executive Committee Meeting and Annual General Meeting of COSIDICI were held on September 26, 2002 at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

2. The President COSIDICI, Shri Ashoke Nath, IAS informed the Members that he alongwith the Secretary General, COSIDICI and Shri S.K. Sen, IAS, MD, WBFC had called on the Finance Minister of West Bengal, Shri Asim Das Gupta in his office at Kolkata on September 18, 2002. Shri Asim Das Gupta is the Chairman of the State Finance Ministers’ Committee constituted by the Central Government. A note highlighting the main problems confronting SFCs was handed over to the State Finance Minister in advance by Shri S.K. Sen. The Finance Minister was briefed appropriately by the President COSIDICI and he was requested to take up our case with the Union Finance Minister for re-capitalisation of SFCs as these Institutions continue to play a significant role in industrialising the rural and backward regions of the States. The Finance Minister was also briefed about the negative role being played by SIDBI in meeting legitimate needs of SFCs. The Finance Minister after hearing COSIDICI’s views had appreciated the problems being faced by the SFCs and assured that he will certainly discuss this issue with the fellow Finance Ministers from other States in the meeting at Delhi and would try to present their case to the Union Finance Minister at the appropriate forum. He however, advised that the Members of COSIDICI may suitably brief other members of the State Finance Ministers’ Committee on which he was the Chairman, so that the matter could be raised with one voice with the Union Finance Minister.

The Annual General Body unanimously elected Shri Ashoke Nath, IAS, CMD, DFC, DELHI as the President of COSIDICI for the Year 2002-03 and also two Vice Presidents. S/Shri T. Srinivasan, IAS, CMD, RFC, Jaipur and Dr. J.C. Mohanty, IAS, MD, APSFC, Hyderabad were unanimously elected as Vice Presidents. Smt. Sharware Gokhale, IAS, CMD, MSFC, Mumbai; Shri Subrata Biswas, IAS, MD, KFC, Thiruvananthapuram; Dr. R.N. Trivedi, IAS MD, UPFC, Kanpur, Shri V. Umesh, IAS, MD, KSFC, Bangalore; Shri S.K. Sen, IAS, MD, WBFC, Kolkata; Shri R.M. Pillai, IAS, MD, PIPDIC, Pondicherry; Shri D.C. Sahoo, MD, GOA-IDC, Panaji and Shri M.G. Kiran, MD, SIDICO, Gangtok were unanimously elected as E.C. Members. Besides, Shri Parag Gupta, IAS, MD, SIDCUL, Uttaranchal and Shri Iqbal Singh Sidhu, IAS, MD, PFC, Chandigarh were co-opted as E.C. Members for the Year 2002-2003. The contents of the Annual Report of the E.C.M. of COSIDICI for the Year 2001-2002 were noted and approved by the General Body which also approved the audited statements of accounts for the Year 2001-2002.

Training Programme :

As advised in an earlier issues of the COSIDICI COURIER the number of Training programmes was curtailed from 4 to 2 during their current year. The revised syllabus of the course as well as other changes were advised to SIDBI which approved the same. The training programme under the revised pattern was held at College of Agricultural Banking, RBI, Pune from October 21, 2002 to October 26, 2002. The number of participants attending the course was much less than the optimum number required for a course by the college. However, the feedback received from the participants was very positive. They were generally appreciate regarding the fulfilment of the Programme objectives.