• Shri Gonesh Koyu, IAS has been appointed as CMD, APIDFC, Itanagar vice Shri S.N. Srivastava.
  • Dr. M.M. Kutty, IAS has been appointed as MD, ANIIDCO, Port Blair vice Shri Prakash Kumar
  • Shri R.P. Wattal, IAS has been appointed as MD, APSFC, Hyderabad vice Dr. J.C. Mohanty
  • Shri P. Kotilingangoud, IAS has been appointed as MD, KSIIDC, Bangalore vice Shri S. Swatantra Rao

Dear Editor,

I have received a copy of your September-October, 2002 Issue of `COSIDICI COURIER' and I have gone through the same.

Your article, "An organised loot of National Resources" is something praiseworthy. You have given lot of details and I hope the people in the concerned Ministry will read the article and take required steps and make people accountable. You have also given about the working of the various Corporations. It's always a pleasure going through the Bulletin.

Yours sincerely,

{ K.C. JAIN }
Managing Director
Mangalam Cement Ltd.
[B.K. Birla Group of Companies]

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