The horizontal and open structures of the knowledge-based economy have changed all previous notions of management and leadership. Today our own particular knowledge or position on a project makes us more influential than ever before. We all now have the power to increase both our individual and a company's effectiveness.
Based on an established applied psychology, "Inner Leadership" is a systematic process to unlock the depth of resources we all carry but few of us access. Inner Leadership allows you to `take the lead' and make a significant contribution wherever one sits in ones company. It can help one unlock the spirit one has within oneself, build a firm ground for action, make decisions and lead. This moves away from the need for a hero leader to make decisions and instead turns each of us into leaders.
The book takes a different and remarkable approach to leadership as a journey of discovery. Anyone who wants to realise his or her leadership potential can follow a carefully described path that is rich with illustrative examples and insightful exercises. The concepts in the book are simple and powerful and can be applied from the first moment one reads them making a significant difference to how one perceives oneself as well as how others perceives you. 
Using many case studies, exercises and and real business examples, the book introduces the REAL model - four stage process which allows you to realize your leading potential by :
  • Recognizing your strengths, limitations and qualities ;
  • Exploring the parts of your personality, purpose and values which influence your decisions, thoughts and actions ;
  • Actualizing your qualities for achieving your leadership goals ;
  • Leading others to push the boundaries and think for themselves 

You already have all the resources within you that you need, and Inner Leadership is a practical and disciplined process which provides you with the tools to access these resources and use them to achieve what you want to achieve.


Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least - Goethe