Since its very inception, the Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC) has been striving incessantly towards its goal- that of extending a helping hand to a varied entrepreneurial section of society for their financial requirements. A goal, ultimately aimed at spurring the process of industrialization of its parent State. 
For the fulfilment of its prime objective, it operates various loan schemes for tiny, small and medium scale industries, many of them tailor-made for specific entrepreneurial classes. 

Ever prepared to adopt as well as to adapt itself to the changing industrial needs, RFC has over the years, widened its network, multiplied its numerous schemes and added multifold to its policies and incentives, liberalising them with the need of the hour. 

The latest addition is the acquisition of accreditation from SEBI as an A category merchant banker. RFC is now eligible to undertake activities such as underwriting, equity participation, collaborating as co-manager/ advisor/ consultant to public issues etc. Similarly, it shall also extend other financial services like bill discounting and short term financing to its good borrowers. 


RFC offers a range of schemes to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs from different walks of life. These schmes are as follows

Single Window Scheme

All SSI/Tiny units falling within the ceiling specified on cost of project would be eligible. Eligibility criterion also covers modernisation/technology upgradation by existing units as well as rehabilitation assistance to potentially viable sick units. Besides, subject to Rs. 100 lakhs ceiling on total venture outlay, additional term loan to existing SSI units already covered under the said scheme too would be available.
The cost of project (excluding working capital margin) as well as total working capital requirement at the normal level of operation should not exceed Rs. 100.00 lakhs. Collateral security to the extent of term loan for working capital would be called for. 

Repayment period upto 8 to 10 years inclusive of maximum 3 years moratorium. 

Equipment Refinance Loan

Assistance for direct foreign currency loan as well as rupee currency loan to small and medium scale units for acquisition of new capital goods. Purchase of plant & machinery/acquisition of equipments for Purpose of modernisation, expansion, balancing, energy saving, pollution control etc., which are directly related to any specific project. Repayment period is 2 to 5 years inclusive of 6 to 12 months moratorium. 

National Equity Fund

Equity type assistance to new Tiny and SSI units with total project cost, including working capital margin, not exceeding Rs. 10.00 lakhs and located anywhere, except in metropolitan areas, is given in the form of soft loan. The total fund requirement, including working capital, would be met by RFC. Service activities except road transport operators, are also eligible. 

Service charges @ 1% will be payable. 
Maximum 25% of the project cost subject to ceiling of Rs. 2.5 lakhs, provided the required DER norm is fulfilled.

Promoter's contribution required 10%, 
Repayment period is upto 7 years inclusive of a moratorium period of maximum 3 years. 

Normal Term Loan

The term loan for fixed assets upto Rs. 240.00 lakhs for any eligible industrial activity as defined under the SFCs Act. The cost of project should not exceed Rs. 10.00 crores. 

Repayment period is 8 to 10 years inclusive of 1 to 2 years moratorium. 

Composite Term Loan

Rural artisans and craftsmen (irrespective of location of unit) and all eligible small industrial activities in villages small towns with population not exceeding 5 lakhs. 

Total credit requirement should not exceed Rs. 50,000 inclusive of working capital. 

The repayment period is 3 to 10 years inclusive of maximum 18 months moratorium. 

Technology Development and Modernisation for SSI Units

Loan for encouraging existing industrial units in Small Scale Sector including those graduating to SSI for modernising their production facilities and adopt improved and updated technology, is granted by RFC for the amount not exceeding Rs. 50.00 lakhs.

The repayment period shall not exceed 5 years including moratorium period of one year. Exclusive charge over assets purchased out of the loan, first/second charge on existing fixed assets and other collateral security as may be deemed are necessary. 

Schemes for Small Hospitals and Nursing Homes 

Loans for small hospitals/nursing homes providing facilities for allopathic treatment and diagnosis to indoor as well as outdoor patients (at concessional rates for low income groups). Assistance to such existing set ups with a minimum of 20 beds facility, as well as acquisition of electro medical equipments too is considered, subject to their satisfying all other norms under the scheme. 
Maximum quantum of assistance is upto Rs. 240.00 lakhs and 

Repayment period is 8 to 10 years inclusive of 1 to 2 years moratorium period. 

Schemes for Qualified Professionals 

Assistance under the scheme is extended to qualified professionals in the field of Management, Accountancy. Medicines, Architecture, Engineering etc. for setting up their professional practice/consultancy venture for the first time. 

Maximum cost of project should not exceed Rs. 20.00 lakhs, out of which the cost of land and building should not exceed 50% of the total cost outlay.

Repayment period of loan in five years with initial moratorium not exceeding one year. 

Soft loan Scheme 

Eligibility : Ex-servicemen upto the age of 60 years, as defined by Ministry of Defence, GOI, and sponsored by Director General (Re-settlement) including widows of ex-Servicemen, disabled service personnel. Transport vehicles are not eligible for soft loan assistance except for gas tankers, tripper vehicles and pay loaders. Collateral security is required as per the norms for transport cases. Clearance by the in-house screening committee for seed capital is a pre-requisite. 

Soft loan assistance to ex-Servicemen on one time basis for maximum project cost of Rs. 15.00 lakhs including for transport and other eligible service industry like hotels or tourism related activities.
Repayment period of 5 years including moratorium period of maximum 6 months, for transport loan and 8 to 10 years (inclusive of usual grace period) for other projects. 

Soft seed capital assistance upto 5 years inclusive of initial moratorium upto 2 years. 

Schemes to SC/ST Entrepreneurs 
Loans from Rs. 2000/- upto Rs. 5.00 lakhs on liberal and concessional terms to persons from the SC/ST category for fixed assets, transport vehicles and construction of hotels etc. Assistance for installation of plant & machinery in rented premises too may be considered on case to case basis. Applicant to produce a certificate of caste from a Tehsildar or first class Magistrate. 

Repayment period is 8 to 10 years including usual grace period. 

Schemes For Hotels 

Hotels eligible for availing the loan must consist of minimum 10 rooms, half of which should be air conditioned/air cooled, atleast one fourth of the rooms must have attached bathrooms and there should be atleast one bathroom for every four of the remaining bedrooms. The hotel should provide for boarding & lodging facilities. An independent restaurant alone shall also be eligible for availing financial assistance if it contains sitting capacity of not less than 50 persons at a time. NOC from the Director of Tourism, Govt. of Rajasthan is also necessary at the time of application. Approval of building plan & NOC from the local authority is a prerequisite and title of land should be in order for equitable mortgage.

On completion of legal formalities, disbursement can be made in four instalments each equal to 25% of loan amount sanctioned after ensuring that the amount already disbursed and to be disbursed is secured by retaining stipulated margin and after furnishing the CA certificate for utilisation of earlier disbursed advance. 

Purpose : For acquisition of land, for construction of new buildings, in case of existing building for additions, alterations, renovations/repair and expansion etc. for purchase of plant, equipment, kitchen equipment, furniture & fixture and installation of DG Sets, for self fabricated machines, Dies & Moulds, furnace. 
Schemes For Paying Guest Accommodation 

Persons who own a house/accommodation in a good locality with neat and tidy surroundings in any of the cities identified by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Rajasthan for paying guest accommodation. Presently, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Mount Abu, Ajmer, Pushkar, Bundi, Kota, Bharatpur, Alwar are considered in this scheme. The owner, residing in the same house, must have some rooms available in the house, which may be made available to tourists on reasonable rates for their stay. The accommodation should be registered with the office of the Director of Tourism for paying guest accommodation and should not be having more than 7 rooms and 15 lettable beds. 

Schemes For Heritage Hotels 

Assistance is available for conversion for old forts/palaces/havelies into a heritage hotel by renovations of existing buildings, for construction of additional buildings, acquisition of plant & equipment and furniture & fixtures. Certificate from Department of Tourism, Govt. of India about classification as Heritage category of hotel is essential. 

Schemes For Restaurants

Restaurants operating independently are also eligible for availing financial assistance under this scheme provided it contains sitting capacity of not less than 50 persons at a time.