Software exports exceed target  
The turnover of Indian IT industry for the Year 2000-2001 was Rs.68,700 crore. It was Rs.37,080 crore in 1999-2000. In the last five years(1995-2000), the Indian IT industry has recorded a C.A.G.R. (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of more than 42.4 percent, which is almost double the growth rate of IT industries in developed countries.  
The IT manufacturing sector is growing at an average rate of 30 to 35 percent annually over the past decade. And the industry has over 150 major hardware players supported by over 800 ancillary units and small time vendors engaged in sub-assemblies and equipment manufacturing.  
According to IT Ministry sources, the hardware, sector turnover was Rs.30,700 crore (2000-01) against the original projections of Rs.62,850 crore.  
Software exports logged a turnover of Rs.28,500 crore as against the projection of Rs.23,100 crore.  

Quiz Questions  

  1. The term bank assurance refers to : a) Banks distributing insurance products; b) Insurance agents distributing banking products. 
  2. Under the basic travel quota fixed by the government, the maximum foreign exchange a person is entitled to in a calendar years is: a) US$ 3,000; b) US# 5,000; c) US# 8,000 
  3. IRDA is the regulatory body for the following sector : a) Telecom; b) Insurance, c) Banking 
  4. Real interest rate equals : a) Nominal interest plus inflation; b) Nominal rate less inflation; c) Nominal rate 
  5. Bullion refers to : a) Only gold; b) Gold and Silver; c) Diamonds. 
  6. A recession is technically defined as : a) One year of negative growth; b) Four successive quarters of negative growth; c) Two successive quarters of negative growth. 
  7. SBI has launched its insurance venture in partnership with : a) Templeton; b) Cardiff; c) Lehmann Brothers 
  8. The term commonly used to describe an over-heated stock market is : a) Bubble; b) Bear; c) Ball 
  9. Ethical funds are mutual funds that take into account your : a) Investment goals; b) Risk Appetite; c) Religious sensitivity. 
  10. The bank which pioneered ATMs in India is : a) Citibank; b) Standard Chartered; c) HSBC