Karnataka's IT exports jumb 73%

STPI on 21.04.2001 announced that Bangalore has recorded a whopping Rs.7,800 crore of software and hardware exports in the FY 2000-01, a 73 percent jump over the previous year's Rs.4,517 crore. The official target was Rs.6,400 crore. The software component accounts for the bulk of business at Rs.7,475 crore. The software business grew by 60 percent in rest of the country.

Infosys and Wipro topped the list with software exports of over Rs.1,000 crore, followed by Tata Consultancy Services, Digital Equipment, Flex Solutions, Mphasis BFL. The hardware exports at Rs.357 crore was driven by companies like Wipro GE Medical System, Hical Magnetics, Tyco Electronics, TVS Electronics and Bharat Electronics.

During 2000-01, 165 units including 20 with foreign equity got registered with STPI in Karnataka, taking the total number of companies listed with the agency to 928. 

For the FY 2001-02, the software export goal for Karnataka is pegged at Rs.1,000 crore ($2.34 billion) and Rs.17,000 crore ($ 3.5 billion) for 2002-03.

STPI's future plans include expansion of international carriers, ATM implementation, building point of presence and managed networks on DOT, international fibre access, and radio network expansion. During the current fiscal, it proposes to invest Rs.4 crore in Mangalore in operationalising high speed data communication facility through F3 earth station on October 1, putting up a 10,000 sq. ft incubation facility and providing all statutory services under a single window. 

It also plans to invest Rs.22 - 25 crore in Bangalore for its new initiatives.