Breaking Through Culture Shock is a systematically researched book for developing international effectiveness and for managing an international career. It contains a number of case studies and sound practical advice on how to make it in the international arena making it into an easily accessible and practical self help book. It offers positive and practical advice for breaking through culture shock and shows that all of us can be internationally effective if we develop our ability to adapt. The book looks at the international manager as a human being with development needs at a professional and personal level.

Culture Shock or " The experience of foreignness" has become the critical factor for success in today's global business environment - and an occupational hazard if we fail to adjust to international counterparts with different motivations, behaviours and ways of making decisions.

Based on extensive research, the book focuses on a brand new model - the culture shock triangle, which shows you how to behave differently, think differently and balance your emotions. Using this model and numerous case studies, the author who is a Director of Norman Broadbent International, the world -wide executive search company shows how you can ride out the waves of euphoria and the sloughs of depression, emerging contented and cross-culturally effective with the right balance between retaining a sense of your own identity and achieving an international identity.

In addition to this holistic approach to personal and professional issues there is expert advice on both individual and dual career management, including guidance on returning - the greatest culture shock of all. She also considers the various ways in which international work occurs - frequent business trips and multi-national teams as well as long-term assignments-while offering guidance to organisations on how to select and look after their international executives so that the best results can be achieved for all concerned.

Breaking Through Culture Shock is an invaluable self-assessment guide. The final chapter in particular helps you to reflect on some of the issues that are important for success in international work, including motivation, expectations and self-reliance.

Ultimately, the message of the book is that with the right preparation international work is one of the most stimulating and positive career experiences whether away from your own country, at home in an international organisation or working as part of a cross functional team in cyber-space.

Price: $ 25.00 U.S.A

Author: Dr. Elisabeth Marx