G.P. Gupta


                           INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BANK OF INDIA                             
MUMBAI-400 005. 


I am glad to note that the Council of  State Industrial Development and Investment Corporations of  India have launched their web-site.

All around us, the world is being transformed by advances in information technology. The emergence of the Internet enables instantaneous access to global information and provides a new, attractive channel for enterprises to market their products and services globally. While India is an acknowledged leader in information technology, our country is yet to take full advantages of its potential. Given its knowledge intensive orientation, information technology has the potential to revolutionise economic growth and generate wide spread employment opportunities. Information technology provides an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial class that can move to the forefront of  technology in a cost-effective manner.

Since their inception, the state level financial institutions, who are members of COSIDICI have taken a number of measures to widen the entrepreneurial base of  the country. I hope the state level financial institutions would take advantage of  COSIDICIís web-site to market their products and services. I also hope the web-site would be utilised to market the products and services of enterprises, particularly in the small and medium sector, so that these enterprises can reach a wider marketplace. I also trust COSIDICI would take steps to enhance the spread of  information technology at the grass roots.

I wish COSIDICI all success in their initiative.

G.P. Gupta
February 4, 2000