Financial Services offered 

Financial Services offered are:

Public/Rights Issue Management
Investment in public issues (DFI Quota)
Bought out deals
Project consultancy/project appraisal
Credit syndication
Management Advisory Services
Underwriting of shares

The SLFIs also perform the following promotional activities for growth of industries in the states:

  • Project identification
  • Identification and selection of suitable entrepreneurs
  • Assistance in securing statutory and govt. Approvals/clearance
  • Direct participation in equity
  • Promotion of joint sector projects
  • Providing of escort services
  • Some of them also act as the nodal agencies of the state governments for specified major/mega projects
  • They conduct industrial promotion campaigns within the state as well as overseas.
SLFIs in some states have a very proactive role in the development of industry in their states. They organise visits of foreign delegations.

They also serve as nodal agencies of the govt. To plan and formulate proposals for infrastructure development projects like:

Industrial parks/Townships
Industrial Growth Centres
Minor Airports
Airports of international standards
Sea ports