The University of Delhi, a premier University of India, attracts a large number of students from all over the country and from abroad. Founded in 1922, it has grown phenomenally in size and complexity over the decades and at present has 13 faculties, 64 postgraduate departments, 79 colleges and about 185,000 students. In the mid-eighties a new Campus of the University, namely, South Campus, which actually started in 1973, moved to its own premises on Benito Juarez Road, near Dhaula Kuan, amidst the natural surroundings of the foothills of the Aravali range.
The Bioinformatics Centre was set up at the Department of Biochemistry University of Delhi, in 1987 under Biotechnology Information Systems Programme of DBT with specialisation on Membrane and Molecular Biology. The centre is equipped with sophisticated computer and communication systems. The hardware includes : Pentium Pcs, other computers, a LAN, Multimedia Kit and so on. The databases available with the centre includes : Medline, Entrez, NUCSSI, Agris, etc. The most important database prepared by the centre is on Membrane Technology. The centre has connectivity to the world through the BTIS. The Centre has organized various workshops and conferences for the benefit of users.


Prof. Anil K. Tyagi
Bioinformatics Centre
Department of Biochemistry
University of Delhi, South Campus
New Delhi - 110 021
Phone : 011-688 1970, 688 8434, 611 2160
Fax : 011-688 5270
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