The institute has considerable interest on Biopropecting of medicinal plant genetic resources. This area encompasses the development of reliable molecular markers for quantitative medicinal traits that in future would complement the rational drugs design programme. This multistep genomic research-driven drug discovery programme envisages the complicity of Bioinformatics in almost every stage of screening procedure that extends from DNA sequence similarity search to decoding of gene sequence to protein products and identification and characterisation of target site/molecule to the subsequent development of a patentable product of therapeutic value through an intermediate bioprocess step.

The centre, besides providing regular off-line, on-line information support, will develop a focus on storage and analysis of DNA fingerprints of medicinal plants using various software programmes so that the information can be effectively utilised in the construction of dendrograms, development of species/genotype specific molecular markers and establishment of local/complete genetic linkage maps to enable future isolation of respective gene(s) and evolve better plant breeding strategies. Development of relevant databases and linkages with other institutes will also be undertaken.


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