The Indian Veterinary Research Institute was established in 1889. The institute has two campuses located at Mukteswar and Bangalore besides the main campus at Izzatnagar. Apart from these, three regional stations are located at Calcutta, Palampur and Bhopal. The main aim of IVRI is to conduct research and teaching programmes on all aspects of animal health, production, livestock products technology and basic sciences. Being a deemed University, IVRI offers masters and Ph D degrees in several disciplines in the areas of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry. In addition, 6 PG diploma courses are also offered every year to the field veterinarians sponsored by State Governments and Defence organisations.
 The institute is having a number of International projects under ODA, Indo-US, UNDP/FAO and Indo-USSR etc. Besides these, about 300 research projects on priority areas and several inter-institutional projects/schemes on the areas of mutual interest are also running at the institute.

A Bioinformatics Centre under the BTIS programme of DBT was established in this institute in 1989, to strengthen the Bioinformatics activities in the areas of Veterinary Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry. The centre is well equipped with facilities in terms of computer hardware and software.

In the nine years of its existence, the centre has developed many useful databases and softwares in the area of its specialization. The databases include RUMEN MICROBIOLOGY, LIGNIN BIOTECHNOLOGY, FOOT and MOUTH DISEASE, EMBRYO TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY, PLASMIDS and RECOMBINANT DNA TECHNOLOGY and YAK Database. The centre has also developed few retrieval softwares for databases. These include RUMPACK for rumen microbes database, LIGPACK for lignin microbiology database and FUDPACK for foot and mouth disease database. Several training programmes were organised in Bioinformatics to offer hands-on training to the users.


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