At the Punjab Agricultural University, more than 50 scientists are engaged in various activities of plant, animal and microbial biotechnology. At the Biotechnology Centre, the work is being undertaken on micropropagation of fruit, field and vegetable crops and forest trees; isolation, culture and fusion of protoplasts, wide crosses, RFLP linkage maps in diploid wheat, gene tagging with RAPDs, genetic transformation of plants, isolation and testing of BT strains against various insects and development of BT constructs for transformation. Scientists of the Biotechnology group in other departments are working on embryo transfer technology in cattle and buffalo, development of animal vaccines and disease diagnostic kits, biofertilizers and fingerprinting of pathogens.

Major fields of research in Biotechnology being pursued by the University include Plant and Animal Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology, Veterinary Immunology, Embroyo Transfer Technology, Biopesticides and Biofertilizers, Genetic Engineering, Inter Specific Hybridization and Protoplast Fusion, Biodegradation, and Enzyme Immobilization.

Sub-Distributed Information Centre in the Biotechnology Centre of PAU will help the scientists of the Centre, Biotechnology Group and related disciplines to have access to current literature, databases, scientific information, softwares and rapid national and international communication. Besides, students of various postgraduate courses will make best use of the facilities.


Dr. H.S. Dhaliwal
Director, Biotechnology Centre
Punjab Agricultural University
Ludhiana - 141 004
Phone : (0161) 51974, 51972/206
Fax : 0161-51794
E-mail : informatics@mssrf.org