The North-Eastern part of the country has yast natural resources. Both the flora and fauna of the region are so rich that it is considered to be a mega centre of biodiversity. The forest wealth includes numerous orchids, timber yielding trees, medicinal and aromatic plants, animals and microbes and some unique plants and animals from the region. For the bio-resource development, its exploration, conservation and proper utilisation, an urgent need was felt for linkage with the bioinformatics network. The faculty members and students in the School of Life Sciences (Departments of Botany, Zoology and Biochemistry) at North-Eastern Hill University are involved in researchers related to forest biology, environmental biology and molecular and biochemical aspects of research problems unique to the region. For the concerted efforts and overall development of the region in terms of scientific excellence, a bioinformatics centre has been set up at NEHU. It will provide the people with latest information in their respective fields and bring them closer to the rest of the world as far as scientific advancements are concerned. The centre will be a part of the nutritional bioinformation network and function as an information base in various areas of bio-sciences. There will be an attempt to develop databases and software related to biological resources and for special needs of the region. It is also proposed to create computer awareness amongst the people through training courses. Besides North-Eastern Hill University, BSI, ZSI and other national and regional laboratories will be able to use the facilities.


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