The National Institute of Immunology (NII) is dedicated to provide clear immunological perspective emphasizing generic approaches in order to address people. NII has consistently pursued a policy of generating research leads towards tangible products for the Indian masses.

The Bioinformatics Centre was established in 1988 with Immunology as the major thrust area. Since then the centre is functioning as a repertoire of information related to Bioinformatics in the area of specialization. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art hardwares, softwares and networks. Over past 10 years, the centre has developed as a major computational resource involving Digital Alpha computers, SGI Graphics Workstations, a Micro Vax II system and more than 60 Pcs linked through a LAN, which is linked to NICNET through a Micro Earth Station (MES) and to ERNET through a VSAT connection. The centre has acquired a large collection of application softwares in the relevant

areas of modern biology. A number of software packages have also been developed by the centre to meet the general as well as specific requirement of the scientific community. The softwares at the centre can be broadly categorised as those for Graphics Applications, Database Management, Protein Crystallographic Computing, Computer Modelling, Sequence Analysis, Expert Systems, Statistical Analysis, Bibliographic Searching. Office Automation, Data Presentations, etc.

The centre provides services for the Biocomputational research, Sequence Analysis, Crystallographic Data Analysis, and Computerised Bibliographic Searches, etc. Online as well as offline database searches are carried out for the users. The number of external users is growing rapidly. Several scientific papers are coming out from this facility.

The centre brings out a monthly publication, "Current Patents and Articles in Biotechnology," with special reference to immunology. A quarterly newsletter specializing in immunology is also published. In addition to this, the centre publishes brochures, status reports, etc. and circulates them widely among the scientific community.


Dr. Dinakar M. Salunke, and
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