The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, pursues an effective R & D programme in Environmental Science and Technology to enable solutions to backlog and future environmental problems emanating from developmental imperatives in various socio-economic sectors. The institute, while fulfilling its commitment towards the national and social missions and CSIR thrust area activities, has made a significant contribution in the recent past, 

in the areas of the institute's R & D, viz. Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Biotechnology, Hazardous Waste Management; Environmental System Design, Modelling and Optimisation; Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment; and Environmental Policy Analysis.

The institute has retained its repute in International Scientific Collaboration by undertaking joint R & D ventures with United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), World Health Organization (WHO), and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). The institute is designated as WHO Collaborating Centre on Environmental Health.

The Bioinformatics Centre at NEERI aims to serve as a National Information Resource Centre on Environmental Biotechnology by providing total computer support in the form of information, data processing and analysis in Biotechnology in general and Environmental Biotechnology in particular. The need to keep abreast of the latest information on advances and developments in environmental biotechnology has become imperative for rapid progress in research, production and application. Accordingly, to cater to the needs of the scientific community of the host organization and the local needs, an Environmental Biotechnology Bibliographic Database (EBBD) has been developed covering the literature from a large number of Biotechnology journals available in NEERI Library. EBBD is a bibliographic database developed initially on CDS/ISIS and converted to dBASE IV by a conversion programme. Apart from a logical query facility, a retrieval facility on author and keywords is also available for the database.

A database including the data entry, data handling and query software, named QABIS, has been developed for ongoing and closed Biotechnology projects in NEERI. The query facility for QABIS is available on Lab code, Scientist name and are code. The software in written in dBASE. The centre has collected the data on biotechnology equipments from 59 biotechnology research organizations from India and a directory database on equipment details has been developed with a query software to retrieve the information on Equipment, Lab name, and city. The database contains information on 400 equipment details, contact persons and the access facilities. HCIS (Hazardous Chemical Information System) is a software package developed at the centre using `C' programming language for quick retrieval of information about 276 hazardous chemicals. The user interface has been designed with a view to enhance the utility of the information readily available as ASCII text files which is maintained by USEPA under Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). The searches are based on different chemical names. A directory database on thesis submitted to Nagpur University in Life Sciences and Biotechnology is in progress and the database comprises 225 these submitted during 1987 to 1996.

CD-ROM Databases viz. Ei-Energy and Environment; CCINFO Disc Series, and AHEAD series have been purchased for the centre and information retrieval services are provided on demand to the clientele of the host institute and other organizations.


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