The Institute of Microbial Technology was established in 1984 at Chandigarh to undertake R & D activities in the broad area of Biotechnology. Set up to be a forerunner in carrying out application oriented R & D, the institute ever since its inception has been formulating such research programmes which have a short-term objective of capability generation and a long-term perspective of generating newer leads in the critical areas of its working, viz., molecular biology, protein engineering, fermentation technology, etc. Most of the research programmes deal with the application of newer tools of molecular biology and genetic engineering to develop new technologies or improve upon the existing ones vital ot our national needs. The institute has been able to make many contributions on basic and applied R & D aspects of biotechnology. Several of these have been licensed as technologies to industrial users and are in actual usage. The institute has also created with the joint funding of DBT and CSIR, three major national facilities, viz., Biochemical Engineering Research & Process Development Centre (BEPRDC) to undertake studies on process development, process optimization and scale up in the area of biochemical engineering, Microbial Type Culture Collection (MTCC) to act as repository, to supply authentic microbial cultures and to provide related services to scientists working in research institutions, universities and industry and Distributed Information Centre for Protein Engineering (DIC) to have better and quick access to biological information and facilitate biocomputing based R & D. The institute is currently carrying out R & D programmes in the following areas : (1) Molecular Biology, Microbial Genetics and Microbiology, (2) Fermentation Technology and Applied Microbiology, (3) Protein Design and Engineering, and (4) Cell Biology and Immunology.
The Bioinformatics Centre at the Institute of Microbial Technology was established in 1987 with specialization in the area of Protein Modelling and Protein Engineering. This is one of the core facility in the field of biotechnology providing access to the latest information of the world's databases in the fields of Protein Modelling and Protein Engineering. The centre is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities in terms of hardware, software, networks, etc. 
The hardware includes DEC Alpha workstations, MICROVAX-II, HCL-HP INFINITY DLS SERVER, Pentium PCs, Multimedia workstations, Micro Earth Station, and LAN. The softwares available with the centre include : operating systems like OSF/UNIX 3.0, open VMS 6.0, SCO UNIX 4.2 with SCO ODT, Windows NT 3.1, Windows 95, MS DOS 6.22, VAX/VMS 5.01 etc.; compilers like C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, BASIC, COBOL, dBASE, Foxpro, etc.; Protein Modelling/Protein Engineering Softwares like AMBER V, RASMOL, WHATIF, EXPLORE, MIDAS PLUS, DSSP, MOLSCRIPT, RASTERED, CLUSTALV, PHYLIP, etc. and other general purpose and molecular modelling softwares.

The centre provides services for the software development in the area of its specialization, Biocomputing, networking, online and offline bibliographic search, Protein model analysis. The state-of-the-art Protein Analysis programme Packages have been widely used by the scientific community from this centre. The centre has accumulated a variety of CD-based databases for making them available to the users. The centre also provides training through workshops from time to time to the users. Over the last 10 years many scientific papers and a growing number of Ph.D. theses have acknowledged the usage of the facilities of this centre. The centre has expanded its user base significantly over the last few years. Apart from the host and neighbouring institutes, scientists from distant places are also utilising the facilities of the centre.


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