Brief description of Biotechnology related activities in which the University is engaged area :

(1)  M.Sc. Biotechnology Teaching Programme started in 1995 with the approval and financial  support of DBT, Govt. of India. The main goal of this programme is to develop manpower in the  emerging multidisciplinary subject of Biotechnology.

(2)  Ph. D. programme in Biotechnology.

(3)  Major thrust areas for teaching programme in Biotechnology are : Molecular Biology,  Recombinant DNA Technology, Enzyme Technology, Fermentation Technology,  Immunotechnology and Animal Tissue Culture, Computer Applications in Biotechnology,  Downstream Processing and Environmental Biotechnology.

(4)  The research activities related to biotechnology : Exploitation of extremophiles for industrial  enzymes; application of biocatalysis for fruit and vegetable processing and chemical production; biofertilizer for horticulture crops and forest trees of hill region; immunodiagnosis of infectious diseases; bioprocessing of horticulture and forestry wastes; molecular biology of plasmids of  thermophiles; biodegradation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

Major Fields of Research in Biotechnology include :

1. Fermentation Technology

2. Enzyme Technology

3. Molecular Biology

4. Immunotechnology and Immunodiagnosis

5. Environmental Biotechnology.

Bioinformatics is part of the curriculum of M.Sc. and Ph. D. programme in Biotechnology. Thus, setting up a Sub-DIC at Himachal Pradesh University at Shimla has proved highly beneficial to students and faculty members in procuring most recent information related to the emerging fields of research and to strengthen programmes in Biotechnology. Since bioinformatics has become an integral part of teaching and research programmes in Biotechnology, the training of M.Sc. and Ph. D. students has become feasible with the establishment of a Sub-DIC. The Sub-DIC at Himachal Pradesh University will help in providing training to students to develop requisite trained manpower as per need of the present-day Bio-industries, R&D Institutions and Universities.


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