The Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore, is a premier research institute and has emerged as `nucleus' of sericulture industry in Asia because of its linkages with many universities and national institutes in India as well as some of the leading international institutes, e.g., Texas A & M University, USA; Lancaster University, UK; University of Lyon, France; National Entomological Institute, Tsukuba; Zhejang Agricultural University and Sericulture Research Institute, China; National Institute for Sericulture and Entomological Science; and Kyushu University, Japan. Its contribution in developing and implementing integrated tropical sericultural technologies and imparting training to personnel from India and abroad through training programmes in various fields, such as, Molecular Biology, Mulberry Cultivation and Soil Sciences, Mulberry Breeding, Silkworm Breeding and Genetics, Rearing Technology and Innovation & Nutritional Physiology, Seed Technology, Silkworm Physiology and Pest & Disease Management.

The Bioinformatics Centre established at this institute is committed to cater to the needs of a large number of scientists, farmers, students, and trainees. It is supporting the needs of scientific information for R & D, extension and with various national and international institutes. The centre is gearing to develop a focus to support research in Biotechnology in the areas of gene mapping, isolation and characterisation of genes, regulation of gene expression, analysis and application of RFLP and RAPD markers, immunogenetics, biofertilisers for mulberry gardens.


Dr. R.K. Datta
Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute
Manandavadi Road, Shirampura, Mysore - 570 008
Phone : (0821) 521406, 521440, 520707
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E-mail : rkdatta@csrti.ernet.in