The Bioinformatics Centre at the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar, was established in 1990-91 under Biotechnology Information System of DBT, as one of the Distributed Information Sub-Centres and specializes in the field of Aquaculture. The centre serves as information resource for scientists, researchers, investors, planners, teachers, students, etc. from all over the country. The main function of the centre is to act as a member of BTIS Network for providing information to the interested users on topics pertaining to the relevant areas of Biotechnology. The functions of the centre include, among others, acquisition, creation and development of softwares and databases needed by the users. All the computers of the institute are connected through LAN system.

The centre is well equipped with modern computer and communication systems. The centre had dial-up connectivity to BTISNET, VSAT and INTERNET through their local connection to NIC district centre. The centre is actively involved in the development of databases and utility softwares. The important databases developed by the centre include : Fishbank, Fish Diseases, Fish Nutrition, Freshwater fishes, Aquatic Plants, Fisheries Experts, Aquaculture Production and water area for ponds, rivers, and reservoirs etc. The softwares developed by the centre include Statistical Analysis Programmes like ANOVA - two way, Duncan's Multiple Range Test, Barlet's Test of Homogeneity, Multiple Correlation, Nutritional Values Program, CBD, SPLIT-PLOT, Covariance, F-Test, Chi-square Test, Simple and Multiple Regression, etc. The centre has also prepared several Directories on Aquaculture and related issues. The centre is collaborating with IRDC, Canada, FAO/UNDP and ICLARM, Philippines, for exchange of materials on fisheries. Several training programmes/workshops have been organised successfully by the centre to train the researchers in the field of bioinformatics.


Shri A.K. Roy
Bioinformatics Centre
Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Kausalyaganga,
Bhubaneswar - 751 002, Orissa, India.
Phone : 0674-465430, 465421
Fax : 0674-465407
Telex : 0675-6443 CIFA IN
E-mail : cifa@x400.nicgw.nic.in