The National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria at Bharathidasan University is engaged in the following activities in Biotechnology :

(1) Survey and germplasm collection of marine cyanobacteria from all over Indian coasts.

(2) Basic studies on Molecular Biology of cyanobacteria.

(3) Screening for biotechnological applications in the area of feed, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and waste treatment.

(4) Technology development for mass cultivation, feed, natural colourants, enzymes, antimicrobials and waste treatment.

(5) Human resource development through training workshops, seminars and symposia.

The National Facility was established by DBT, Government of India, in view of the immense biotechnological potential of this group of neglected microbes. This is the only centre exclusively for this group of microbes in the whole world and houses a unique germplasm collection including hypersaline forms. Now, the world over, realization of the potential of these organisms has started. As pioneers in this field, the centre plans to establish a database on these organisms and have access to all other databases. There is a fairly large group of scientists, research scholars and postgraduate students in this department and the number is likely to grow shortly. In addition, there are scientists and students in other departments of this University interested in Biotechnology. A number of Postgraduate and Research level Colleges in and around Tiruchirapalli are immensely benefited.


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Director, NFMC
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