Anna University was established in 1978 to offer higher education in Engineering, Technology and applied sciences. Besides promoting research and disseminating knowledge, the university fosters a close interaction between academic and industrial communities. The university offers 20 under-graduate, 35 postgraduate and doctoral programmes.
The Bioinformatics Centre was set up in 1987 located in this University under BTIS programme with specialisation on Bioprocess control and Industrial Biotechnology. Database development is one of the major activities of the Centre. Several databases were developed and the major ones include B. malayi Expressed Sequence Tag database; Molecular Dynamics simulation results on sequence specific structural stability of Z-DNA study over 100 ps.; Molecular Dynamics simulation results on Candida rugosa lipase study over 100 ps and so on. The centre is connected to INTERNET through VSNL, Chennai, and therefore, all these databases can be accessible through Internet. The Centre has also developed many software packages on Linux.


Dr. P. Kaliraj
Director, Bioinformatics Centre
Centre for Biotechnology
Anna University, Sardar Patel Road
Guindy, Chennai - 600 025.
Phone: 044-2350299; 044-2350772
Fax: 044-2350299