Aligarh Muslim University was established during 1920. This great centre of learning owes its origin and establishment to the great scholar, reformer and visionary known as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who established a school in 1875 which soon grew into the Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College in 1877. The M.A.O. College acted as a precursor of the University. There are now ten faculties in the University comprising 69 departments encompassing all the modern disciplines. There are thirteen institutes/centres/units including the Institute of Biotechnology and many of which do not come under any faculty and conduct inter-departmental and inter-faculty teaching and research programmes of multidisciplinary nature.
The Bioinformatics Centre was established under Biotechnology Information System of DBT, at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, in the year 1989. The main function of the Centre is to act as a member of BTIS Network for providing information to the interested users on topics pertaining to the relevant areas of Biotechnology, especially protein folding and design, protein structure and protein engineering. The functions of the Centre include, among others, acquisition, creation and development of softwares and databases needed by the users. For the last several years, the Centre is contributing substantially to the manpower development by organising workshops and courses in the field of bioinformatics.
The Centre is well equipped with modern computer and communication system. The Centre has dial-up connectivity to BTISNET and INTERNET through their local connection to NIC district centre. Few important databases developed by the Centre are: Restriction Endonuclease Database; Crystal Structure Bibliographic Database; Enzyme Database; Sequence Analysis Database; Enzymology Database and Chemical Database. Several training programmes/workshops have been organised successfully by the Centre to train the researchers in the field of bioinformatics.


Prof. M. Saleemuddin
Distributed Information Sub-Centre
Biotechnology Building
Aligarh Muslim University
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