Shri Shyamal Ghosh, Secretary Textiles has been appointed Secretary, Telecom vice Shri Anil Kumar who takes his place as Secretary, Textiles. 

Dr. P.L. Sanjeeva Reddy, Secretary Rural Development, has been appointed Secretary, Company Affairs. Dr. Sanjeev Reddy is a former President of COSIDICI. 

Shri Arun Bhatnagar, Secretary Youth Affairs and Sports has been appointed Secretary, Rural Development. 

 Shri N.N. Khanna, Special Secretary, Commerce has been appointed Secretary, Youth Affairs and Sports. 

 Shri S.R. Mohanty, IAS has been appointed Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. vice Shri M.P. Rajan.


Q1 When did the Prime Minister of India launch Rs. 100 crore IT Venture Fund? 

Q2 Who is Akshar Singhal? 

Q3 What is Lippman's Law? 

Q4 What is the title of the well known book written by cyber guru Nicholas Negroponte? 

Q5 Who invented the World Wide Web and when? 

Q6 What is the difference between a bit and a byte?

Q7 What is GUI? 

Q8 What is CD-ROM? 

Q9 What is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of Reserve Bank of India? 

Q10 Which agency in India is the sole registrar of domain names for Indian Companies? 

Give one point for each correct answer and assess your score as follows:

10 points : You are a computer geek. You can frame our next cyberquiz. 

7-9 points : Excellent. You are already in 21st century. 

5-6 points : Very good. You are fit to enter the 21st century. 

3-4 points : Good, You are ready to enter the 21st century. 

0-2 points : Poor. Are'nt you aware that we are entering 21st century? 

_Quizmaster, Cosidici